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The ideal room for a restful sleep

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Sleep is a delicate balance, influenced by many external factors. So, it is essential to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, conducive to relaxation and rest. We spend almost a third of our life in this room, so intimate and so fundamental to our rest. Furnishing it with the greatest care is therefore vital to create the right atmosphere for restful sleep. Below are some tips to make the atmosphere in your bedroom one of well-being and serenity.

A room with a cosy and almost romantic atmosphere is ideal for getting the rest we so badly need. To create this cocoon of well-being, the decoration of the room, the lighting as well as the temperature play major roles in how easily we join Morpheus each night.

What colour scheme should you choose for your bedroom?

Are you familiar with the term chromotherapy? This gentle approach consists of promoting well-being through the use of colours and light to relieve certain stress-related sleep disorders. Indeed, the colour of the walls or furniture can have a direct influence on the quality of our sleep. It seems thus that light, pastel and matte tones are preferable to bright and shiny paints which tend to reflect light. A matte paint, for its part, helps create a cosy and peaceful atmosphere.

According to the precepts of chromotherapy, purple, blue and green are three colours recognized for their soothing quality, helping to promote sleep. However, it is preferable to choose them in darker deeper shades to ensure an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

What type of lighting should you choose for your bedroom?

The release of melatonin, our sleep hormone, is stimulated by the decrease in light intensity. Soft lighting with warm glows is therefore recommended so as not to disturb the secretion of this hormone. This is all the more important in the choice of your bedside lamp, which is an integral part of the sleeping space. To enjoy a truly deep sleep, your bedroom should be obscured against unwanted light sources. To do this, the bedroom windows could be dressed in blackout curtains to immerse your bedroom in total darkness. This will stimulate the secretion of melatonin so that you can achieve dreamlike sleep.

Where is the best place for the bed in the bedroom?

The primary function of our bedroom is to provide sleep and rest. The bed is therefore the central element in the room and so its place influences the harmony. As guidance, it is a question of feeling and so your bed should be placed where you get the greatest feeling of comfort, without feeling cramped.

There are many principles on this subject from the ancestral Chinese art of Feng-Shui which aims to harmonise the flow of energy in space. The bed should be as far as possible from the exits, while leaning the headboard against a wall helps reduce feelings of insecurity and so promotes a feeling of well-being and security in the bedroom.

Which mattress should I choose?

Most importantly the ideal bedroom should be a portal to optimal rest. You have certainly heard people around you complain in the morning of sleep disorders and lower back pain, when these symptoms can be greatly improved by quality bedding. The mattress must provide various support types according to the body’s pressure zones, especially at the shoulders, pelvis and waist. It is a myth that a good mattress should always be firm or, conversely, soft. The right balance is personal according to your height, your weight, your morphology and above all, your own preferences.

The recipe for good sleep rests on 3 fundamental criteria: comfort, support and thermal regulation. Comfort is vital to relieve pressure on the body, allowing better blood circulation and promoting cell regeneration. For restful sleep, support for the spine is vital. Progressive and dynamic point-to-point support is necessary in all positions and parts of the body. Furthermore, if the mattress does not eliminate excess heat and humidity, this will disrupt sleep. Only natural padding can create a healthy and dry environment for perfectly comfortable nights.

By choosing natural materials worked with artisanal skills with more than 125 years of experience, Elite has always taken into account, not only environmental protection, but also the health of our customers. It has already been proven that every chemical component inhaled during sleep leaves its mark on the body. Based on this observation, Elite is committed to manufacturing a healthy and natural product to deliver you nights that directly contribute to improving your well-being and your health.

Because Elite is committed to supporting you every step of the way in choosing your perfect bed, we have designed a mattress selector for you. By entering morphological indications and your sleeping habits, the selector compares the mattresses in our range and directs you to a selection most suited to your personal desires and needs.

Whether or not you already have an idea of the mattress you need, nothing beats the personalised advice that our good sleep specialists ensure at our stores. We aim to offer you a wellness experience that begins with your very first visit. Listening to each of your individual needs, our experts will guide you to find the mattress that best meets your expectations. Come and try our mattresses at one of our showrooms, and discover the Elite sleep universe.

What temperature should the bedroom be?

Air quality and a controlled temperature in the bedroom are key factors for restful sleep. The ideal balance feels comfortable in the bedroom while avoiding high body temperatures. In fact, heat increases nocturnal awakenings, thus reducing REM and deep sleep. The ideal bedroom temperature should be about 18°C, in order to keep the body at a stable and comfortable temperature for the night.

The humidity level in the bedroom also influences how well you sleep. It is recommended to maintain a humidity level of between 50 and 55%. A room with very dry air affects breathing while a room with a high level of humidity promotes bacterial growth. To benefit from an atmosphere conducive to your sleep, it is recommended to ventilate the room for half an hour a day.

Your sense of smell also contributes to the feeling of fullness that you desire for your bedroom. Smell evokes childhood memories, places, dreams; some perfumes even have the ability to soothe us when diffused into the room. Among these fragrances, the essential oils of lavender, mandarin or bergamot tree are all renowned for their relaxing effect.

A personalised range for your dream bedroom

The ideal bedroom is, above all, one that will be to your liking. The decoration must evoke feelings of well-being, calm and serenity in you. Aware that you have specific expectations, Elite offers a wide and customisable range of beds, extra furniture and linen. You can express your own personality with our selection of outstanding and elegant bed sets. Imagine slipping into sheets with the softness of your dreams, in your chosen colours, putting the finishing touch to the bedroom of your dreams.

At Elite, your well-being is at the very heart of our services and our offer, and we are here to guide you in your quest for the ideal bedroom.

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