A well maintained bed lasts a long time

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Did you know that we spend about a third of our life in our bed? Yet we rarely, if ever, consider our mattress.

To ensure pleasant sleep, the bed must not only be of good quality but it must also be clean. Quality of sleep depends directly on the comfort and hygiene of the mattress.

In general, the mattress is the ideal environment for bacteria, mites and viruses. Even thick bed linen can not protect us against these micro-particles. 90% of mattresses are infected with hundreds of thousands of mites and bacteria.

Care for your bedding

Regular maintenance of bedding ensures about ten years of lifetime on average
Care for your bedding: Turn your mattress over
Turn your mattress over

To improve settling of the mattress lining material around the sleeper's body, it is recommended to turn the mattress over and to switch the head and feet every two weeks in the first months, then to do this once every three months.

Care for your bedding: Protect your bed
Protect your bed

The mattress should be protected by at least a sheet and a draw sheet that is washable at high temperature preventing premature wear of the ticking and stains.

Care for your bedding: Disinfect your mattress
Disinfect your mattress

The Ecoclean service by Elite is an effective solution for removing microorganisms from the mattress. 100% natural and chemical free disinfection is done on site. The mattress is immediately ready for use.

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Gestures that prolong mattress performance

  • Avoid folding the mattress Avoid folding the mattress
  • Swap ends now and again Swap ends now and again
  • Turn your mattress over twice a year Turn your mattress over twice a year
  • Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support
  • Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame

Maintenance advice

In addition to disinfection once a year, how can i avoid mite proliferation daily?

To care for your mattress, to avoid the invasion of mites as much as possible as well as eliminating bad odours, remember to ventilate your bedroom regularly. Just a few minutes every day is enough to renew the air in the room! It is even better if you have an opportunity to take your mattress outdoors! Moreover, it is important to turn your mattress over regularly.

How can i remove a coffee stain?

It is possible to easily clean a coffee stain from a mattress. To do this, make a half and half mixture of 90° alcohol and water. Apply the mixture to the stain, leave it for a few minutes, then rinse it. Let it dry for a while and normally the stain should be gone!

Couldn't i simply vacuum clean my mattress instead of disinfecting it?

The mattress can indeed be vacuumed regularly. However this is not enough to remove mites and the like. Indeed they hide inside the mattress and a traditional vacuum clean does not remove them because it only acts on the mattress surface.

How can I remove mould?

To remove mould stains from a fabric or a mattress, mix toothpaste with a bag of baking powder or with baking soda and rub the mould with a toothbrush soaked in the mixture.

How can I remove blood stains?

To remove a blood stain on a mattress, rub with cotton wool soaked in saline solution and then dab with a little 10-volume peroxide. Finally, rinse using a cloth soaked in clear water, then allow the mattress dry. The blood stain should disappear and the mattress will be clean!

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