Inadequate bedding can lead to back problems

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Many people still do not realise there is a connection between their bedding and health problems.

80% of the population regularly suffer from back pain. Sedentary habits, bad posture, stress and strains have taken over our back. The hyperactivity of our society leaves little room for sleep, calm and gentleness. During the second part of the night, when the paradoxical sleep phase occurs, brain activity is intense, sleep is lighter and therefore easily disturbed in case of pressure and discomfort issues.

A mattress that is too hard or too soft can cause awakening. The role of a good bed is to provide both a flexible reception so as not to trigger pain related to pressure points yet firm support for the back as well as the lumbar and cervical spine. With newer quality bedding, muscles are relaxed and temporary awakening happens
less frequently. Your sleep quality improves, your vitality increases. Ensuring the body can relax during sleep is to provide support to its fabulous ability to repair itself. While it is not the answer to all ills, good bedding is the first step towards better-being.

The 10 thorns of unsuitable bedding

Inadequate or suitable bedding can lead to painful conditions in the back and vertebrae.

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