Certified bedding and commitment for tomorrow's world

By favoring natural materials as well as non-industrialized production, Elite has always taken into account the protection of the environment and has preserved the health of its customers by excluding any harmful substances from its products.

In recent years, an eco-label has been appearing everywhere in Europe setting strict, clear rules; it in globes many criteria such as the ecological aspects and overall impact on the environment, but also the intrinsic quality of the product via the certification of strength and comfort tests. As everyone knows, an organic product is not necessarily a quality product!

Therefore, it was only natural for Elite to join this initiative and offer its customers the recognition of the European Ecolabel certification.

Certified bedding and commitment for tomorrow's world


Created in 1992, the European Ecolabel is the only European official eco-label that can be used in all EU member states. This Ecolabel is based on a global approach that takes into account the product life cycle right from the extraction of raw materials, through manufacturing, distribution, and use until recycling or disposal after use. Quality and use are also taken into account.
It identifies products that are more respectful of the environment. The criteria applied ensure suitability of products and reduced environmental impacts throughout their life cycle. Both the product and its packaging are concerned.

Scrupulously selected by Elite, our supplier and partners are also committed to this process. Each one follows strict recommendations and guarantees in their field, via various industry labels, to ensure the quality and ecological footprint of their raw materials supplied to Elite.

Thus, with the Ecolabel, the entire chain is perfectly controlled. To choose an Elite product is encompass all aspects of responsible purchasing combined with superior quality.

For more information about the Ecolabel: Eureopean Commission et

Ecological commitment of Elite with Ecolabel
Quality first
Quality first


As part of the Ecolabel, all Elite mattresses have been accepted and certified by the TÜV LGA specialist institute in Germany. These tests demonstrate that Elite products are of superior quality, achieving exceptional results after 30000 cycles (about 8 to 10 years of use) on average, for soft to mid-firm comfort mattresses, the loss of firmness is between 0 and a maximum of 6%, depending on the model.

The graph below clearly illustrates these results and highlights the clear quality distinction of Elite products.



The EU-Ecolabel has certified and validated all the components used during manufacturing. These elements comply with European standards and are guaranteed to be of good quality as well as being safe for health and the environment.

Our partners and suppliers have also achieved the following certifications for their products or their companies:

  • Confidence
  • BVQI
  • FCS
  • Certipur
  • LGA
  • LGA
  • CE
  • Eurolatex_gris
  • SQS
  • logo-pefc
  • FCKW
  • Protect Future
The natural raw materials
Natural raw and noble materials for the sleep fit for a king
The Workshop
High quality materials and 100% artisanal Swiss manufacturing
Respect, our corporate value

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