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12 April 2021

In recent years, meditation has established itself as an valuable technique to practice for anyone who wants to restore their peace of mind. It promises to open the doors to the world of dreams for us in one step. Should we adventure there ?

03 March 2021
ELITE DESIGN AWARD 2021Discover the winners

The jury met in February and named the winners of the 2021 Elite Design Award.

24 November 2020
«Gstaad Palace ; ici, il est possible de ralentir.» Interview Andrea Scherz - 24 Novembre 2020

Le Gstaad Palace, construit en 1913 et tenu par la famille Scherz depuis 1938, est l’un des derniers hôtels 5 étoiles familiaux d’Europe. Rencontre avec le petit-fils Andrea Scherz qui dirige l’établissement depuis 2001 et qui a été élu hôtelier de l’année 2019. Il nous raconte pourquoi il a choisi d’offrir à sa clientèle des matelas Elite. 

02 November 2020
CE2 Conference Circular economy entrepreneur

The 2020 Circular Economy Entrepreneur Conference (CE2),  took place at the heart of the Elite workshops in Aubonne. This year’s theme explored new business models and the conditions of the associated political framework.

01 November 2020

Elite mattress toppers are available in wool, silk, feather, memory foam or springs and designed to make your bed more comforting and more luxurious.  Our advisors can help you find the one that perfectly suits your personal preferences.

29 October 2020
AMBIANCE E-MOTION ELECTRIC BED Enjoy the benefits and comfort of the Ambiance E-Motion bed

Elite's electric relaxation bed with customised settings allows you to enjoy your favourite position whether you are reading, watching a movie or sleeping. Various programme settings can wake you gently or transform your bed into a masseuse to relieve stress and sore muscles.

22 September 2020
Building your dream bed

The genesis of your dreams is the pool of our creations. As an artisan of sleep, Elite will sculpt your needs and desires so that your tailor made bed is the fruit of your imagination. Our guides are there to understand and transform your desires. You can either draw inspiration from our different models or imagine your very own.

08 September 2020
The ideal room for a restful sleep

Sleep is a delicate balance, influenced by many external factors. So, it is essential to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, conducive to relaxation and rest. We spend almost a third of our life in this room, so intimate and so fundamental to our rest. Furnishing it with the greatest care is therefore vital to create the right atmosphere for restful sleep. Below are some tips to make the atmosphere in your bedroom one of well-being and serenity.

25 August 2020
The repercussions of sleep deprivation

Pr. Matthew Walker, a prominent neuroscientist and sleep specialist, has been researching for many years to understand the physiology and mechanisms of sleep. He has grouped all of his observations and discoveries in his bestselling book called « Why We Sleep »

11 August 2020
Sleep : Natural beauty and anti-aging care You know those days when you wake looking tired, with a dull complexion and bags under your eyes. A recent study has proven the influence of sleep on the quality of our skin. Thus, it seems poor sleep increases the onset of wrinkles, among other things.
24 July 2020
How to do a successful digital detox E-mails, social networks, likes: we are permanently online. Many people sometimes feel overwhelmed by the digital dimension of their daily lives. When that's the case, a digital detox becomes crucial!
14 July 2020
This summer, holiday in switzerland! In 2019, almost 90% of Swiss people travelled within Switzerland or abroad. The Swiss love their holidays, however, this pleasure seems to have been limited for 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis.
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