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08 August 2022
EVEN WHEN HE DREAMS, HE STILL SMELLS AND CREATES FRAGRANCESDaniel André, creator of the signature perfume Elite

Able to dream and smell in his sleep, Daniel André is one of the country's rare perfumers. And one of the greatest in the world.

Daniel André is a creative perfumer who works for several luxury brands and changes horizon with each order. We meet with him in his laboratory in Geneva
21 June 2022
How to choose your pillow ? Choosing the right duvet or pillow is essential for optimising comfort in bed and ensuring a good night’s sleep. In store, our specialist advisers will ask you about your sleeping habits to find the right duvet for you.
20 April 2022
HESTON BLUMENTHAL, WORLD'S BEST CHEF, TELLS US HIS VISION OF SLEEPEat or eat well ... Sleep or sleep very well ... You can choose !

World-renowned British chef Heston Blumenthal has just bought himself an Elite bed. The man who we saw this spring on M6's "Top Chef" and who explained that bananas go as well with parsley as strawberries do with black olives - thanks to a basic flavour molecule they have in common - tells us about his vision of sleep. Not commonplace!

14 March 2022
SLEEP DEPRIVATION: NEW PITFALLS TO AVOID...Katerina Espa Cervena - psychiatrist and medical director of Cenas.

One third of the population lives with a proven sleep deficit. And for many others, there is the constant stress of trying to get to sleep. Should we be concerned? Dr. Katerina Espa Cervena, a psychiatrist, is the medical director of Cenas, the sleep medicine centre in Geneva. According to her, this lack of rest should be taken seriously, but it should not become an obsession. Very often, the more one chases after sleep, the more evasive it becomes... Interview.

24 February 2022
Elite Design Award: Real Designer beds !Discover the 2022 winners !

For the past five years, Elite has held a competition to attract designers and creatives from around the world. From almost a hundred projects, the panel of judges has selected the project that best represented Elite’s vision of a true Designer bed. More than ever, the bed reigns supreme in terms of our bedroom design. And while our bedrooms get bigger and enjoy more light, our beds must take their design up a gear too.

23 November 2021
« WE SHOULD CREATE A MINISTRY OF SLEEP ! »Nicolas Goarant - sleep specialist

In his book, "Le sommeil malmené", Nicolas Goarant, a sleep specialist, shows that this theme deserves to be taken out of our bedrooms and become an open discussion for public debate. He explains why...

28 September 2021

Essential oils can help sweeten our night by helping us to relax and opening us up to the world of dreams. To make the most of their benefits, follow the advice of Michèle Clément-Pralong, FMH doctor and trainer at the French-speaking aromatherapy school.

20 July 2021
Meditation: some ways to get started

In recent years, meditation has established itself as an valuable technique to practice for anyone who wants to restore their peace of mind. It promises to open the doors to the world of dreams for us in one step. Should we adventure there? If you wish to cross it, find some leads to start this practice

23 April 2021
MAGAZINESFind here all our editions

The Eliteness magazine offers easy to read information about the importance of sleep and why it is the foundation of well-being.  Interviews with professionals and experts provide valuable tips and tricks to transform your nights.  Our sleep specialists expertise will guide you to choose the ideal bed, mattress and linen to ensure you sleep well every night.

20 April 2021

According to some researchers, the Covid-19 epidemic is the biggest global health crisis since World War II. The stress and anxiety experienced since the start of the pandemic has and will continue to have many repercussions on mental health. Sleep patterns are disturbed for some by psychological stress that causes insomnia. For others, the quarantine and isolation made it possible to reconnect with their own biological clock.

14 April 2021
Elite beds at the heart of excellenceHôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo - An exceptional service

The iconic palace, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo lives up to guests expectations with excellent services. Since 2017, the 5-star luxury establishment has offered guests the exceptional sleeping comfort of Elite mattresses.

12 April 2021

In recent years, meditation has established itself as an valuable technique to practice for anyone who wants to restore their peace of mind. It promises to open the doors to the world of dreams for us in one step. Should we adventure there ?

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