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Elite bases its growth strategy on its dynamism, the flexibility of its structure, the customization of its products and the quality of its craftsmanship.

Elite, a Swiss company in the middle of the world, defends and asserts values of respect and sustainable development in perfect harmony with all actors in the corporate value chain. Its production is based as much on the skills and commitments of its partners as on know-how and the concern for a job well done by its employees. On the strength of its convictions, Elite strives to offer high quality products made in the traditional way with natural raw materials. The combination of these values ensures well-being, comfort and aesthetics while constantly seeking to limit any negative impact on the environment. Elite, the hallmark of a committed and responsible company.


We manufacture the best beds in the purest respect of tradition and know-how.

In its actions, the Elite House defends a sustainable development approach based on the respect of all stakeholders. The result is an ethical, ecological and social responsibility for partners and customers as well as employees. Elite bases its growth strategy on its dynamism, the flexibility of its structure, the customization of its products and the quality of its craftsmanship.

In a spirit of trust and mutual respect, Elite values the rigor, the work quality, the efficiency and the sense of team. Everything is done to ensure that the quality of the services provided as well as the jobs linked to them is materialized and confirmed over time.

Elite meets in a personalized way the bed and bedding needs of individuals, communities and hotels. A great deal of attention is paid to the specificities of each request in order to propose products capable of fulfilling all expectations. Elite pays close attention to the emergence of any new business sector and can, at any time, offer innovative services and products with high added value.

Valuing manual labor to ensure quality and constant control, Elite selects natural materials for its products and, as often as possible, regional suppliers. Management and production are also sensitive to environmental issues and make a conscious effort to reduce the company's carbon footprint on a daily basis.

Elite, its employees and partners see to it that its customers are fully satisfied. To ensure a climate of trust and proximity, personalized advice and tailor-made solutions to each one’s needs are proposed.

Swiss made
Out of conviction and respect for its origins, Elite manufactures its products in Switzerland. The company thus works to uphold the know-how and respect for Swiss quality while preserving jobs. Swiss Label is also a reference of quality for the customer and ensures the end user that the product has been conceived according to strict standards. The concentration of the manufacturing on Swiss territory allows for increased quality control and optimal production monitoring.

By ensuring the personal development of every employee, Elite strives to ensure that each one, all functions and levels combined, benefit from interesting and varied labor, a quality work environment and appropriate training adapted to the requirements of the company. Respect, the spirit of initiative, attention to detail and trust are the principles that drive all of our employees’ work.

Partners and suppliers
By trusting a selected network of experienced partners, Elite ensures the quality of advice provided to the client. By the same token, relying on a limited number of suppliers, Elite favors a relationship of partnership and trust and can thus guarantee a consistent quality of its products.

Elite is based on a simple, flexible and dynamic organization. Work processes must meet the challenges of tailor-made work on demand, be it on a human, logistical, ecological or economic level.

Internal and external communication is based on respect, trust and efficiency. It contributes to the company’s stellar reputation, in a spirit of healthy competition and quest for quality.

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