Your bed, truly a dear friend

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The upright position distinguished the human species from others but resulted in a particular "S" shape of the spinal column. Optimal for upright movement, this specific structure´s problems can lead to painful conditions such as back pain, lumbago, lumbar and cervical osteoarthritis, disc herniation, etc. To avoid their development, it is essential to sleep on bedding that allows the spine, even when extended, to stay in a position identical to that when upright.

The effects of an incorrect rest position

Inadequate or suitable bedding can lead to painful conditions in the back and vertebrae.

Failure to achieve complete relaxation delays and even prevents one from reaching deep sleep phases (paradoxical sleep) creating physiological shortfalls, psychophysical stress, a feeling of exhaustion, and impaired reactivity. Body conformation and the positions taken during rest are the main elements to take into account to achieve the optimal bed system, which will directly promote sleep quality and hence quality of life.

The morphological conformation (slender, short, obese, lean etc.) and positions taken during rest (mainly folded, on the back and on the side) directly determine the weight distribution of the extended body. These elements mean that standard proposals can be often ineffective or even have the opposite to the desired effects.

Sleep well: What is the ideal bed system? The effects of an incorrect rest position


This results in painful conditions caused by compression of the intervertebral discs on the spinal nerves.


Prevents relaxation of the muscular system which works in vain to correctly position the spine.


This results in compression of the vascular lymphatic system in contact areas.

Sleep well, live better

It is vital to have good bedding for spine care.

A good bed must have the following qualities:

  • Correct orthopaedic spinal support
  • Allow relaxation of the muscular system
  • Promote blood flow to allow cellular regeneration
  • Maintain an adequate body temperature
  • Good hygienic performance
  • Erase in just one night all the tensions accumulated during the day
  • Be pleasant, comfortable and support the back without any compromise
Sleep well: What is the ideal bed system? A Elite bed
Sleep well: What is the ideal bed system? The importance of a bed

The importance of a bed

At Elite, the wide range of mattresses combined with great experience and know-how guide the search for the best mattress for each morphology and sleeper habits.

Perhaps your spouse's corpulence differs significantly from yours and that a compromise - in sleeping conditions - may be difficult to establish. Difficult yes, but not impossible; our "Him & Her" option is a tailor-made service combining suitable hardnesses in the same mattress. The perfect marriage, but sleeping independence: the key to dream filled nights!

Our individually tailored research naturally guides our great experience to searching among the latest technologies.

Your bed, truly a dear friend

If you are someone who finds it difficult to sleep, you may be tempted to look for the cause elsewhere than your mattress. Yet it might actually be the culprit…

A very large scale investigation reveals the modern sleeping habits where the average duration of nocturnal sleep is 7 hours and 6 minutes.

Tips for good sleep

The golden rule of a good sleep: a great mattress.

We often hear complaints around us in the morning about sleep disorders and back pain! Simply, suitable bedding can significantly improve these problems and symptoms. The golden rule of a good sleep is a great mattress. It must give way where the pressure is higher, at the shoulders and pelvis, while supporting the body at waist level. It is a myth that a good mattress should be firm or, on the contrary, flexible.

Look out for firm mattresses!

The type of mattress you sleep on plays an important role in back problems. When lower back pain occurs, we are often advised to use a firmer mattress. In fact we should instead choose bedding that is not too hard! A bed that is too hard does not adapt to the weight of the chest and pelvis. The inner curves are not supported and thus muscles cannot relax during sleep.

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