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Welcome to the world of Elite

With these few lines, I wish to share with you the values to which we are attached and have written our company’s history over the years. Today as yesterday, quality, know-how and natural materials are at the heart of our philosophy.

François Pugliese, CEO of Elite


For more than a century, the customer and the product have been at the heart of our concerns. Today, I am proud to present a large collection of beds, box-springs and mattresses specially developed and handcrafted following artisanal methods in the purest respect of tradition.

In a globalized and industrialized world where marketing messages and fashion trends largely overpower the material value of products, we have placed "respect" at the center of our universe. This keyword, often dismissed to make place for the principles of business at any cost, guides all of our actions. We are convinced that by respecting our partners, our customers, our employees and the environment, we contribute, by our commitment, to setting new standards.

The latest health studies have proven us right: they show that, on one hand, the quality of the bedding greatly influences the quality of daytime life and that, on the other hand, chemical fumes from your mattress inhaled at night end up in the bloodstream and can be harmful for the body.

In this domain we are pioneers in Switzerland: the manufacture of our mattresses is now certified by the European Ecolabel. This approach fits in perfectly with our concept of sustainable development.

It’s a testimony to our convictions and our commitment to protecting the planet. This label also guarantees the inherent quality of our mattresses.

It’s been a long time since we realized that only when combining technical innovations, the finest natural materials and handcrafted methods are we able to offer exceptional beds adapted to any and all body shapes, needs and desires for comfort. For all these reasons, all of our experience and efforts have been distilled in this new collection to develop a wide range of products. From those that meet the highest standards of requirement to those on tighter budgets as well.

As each individual is unique - you are unique, we bring you a tailor-made solution. I am confident that with the expert advice of our partners you will find the bed of your dreams.

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High quality materials and 100% artisanal Swiss manufacturing
A simple living and true story
Respect, our corporate value

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