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Elite is your reliable partner providing value to your hotel.

We put all our experience and our skills into serving hospitality by developing constantly adapting products and responding to the multiple challenges of this environment. Consistent pioneers, we at Elite differentiate ourselves from the purely industrialised world placing the care for the planet and its inhabitants at the centre of our concerns, by subjecting all our products to the strictest standards of the European Ecolabel.
This know-how, recognized by an international clientele, as diverse as it is demanding, positions our establishment as a reliable and much-appreciated partner.



Seamless service and unmatched responsiveness.
Intelligent financing of comfort


With Smart Lease, enjoy financial flexibility, avoiding huge investments and fixed costs.


Imagine your room occupation

Pay only for occupation

The Smart Lease allows you to immediately equip yourself with high quality mattresses and complete beds and pay only after use, depending on the occupation of each bed.

How does it work?

Smart Lease is an invisible device; mattresses are equipped with motion and pressure sensors that accurately record the effective occupancy of each bed.

Example of the occupancy rate of a hotel

Smart Lease: Example of the occupancy rate of a hotel

With Smart Lease your monthly payments are variable depending on the occupancy rate of your hotels.

Smart Lease video
Find out how to save money and ensure a quality experience
for your customers.

Bacteria and
mites destroyed

Certified Swiss hotel disinfection of your mattresses


The effective and 100% natural solution to eliminate bacteria, mites and viruses from your bedding.Contact See the website

Natural sanitisation

Ecoclean destroys 99.97% of bacteria and mites right down to the mattress core and is an effective 100% natural solution using no chemical additives.
Recognised and validated by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF), our Elite Ecoclean system is used by more than 6500 technicians worldwide.

Fresh clean mattresses

The Elite Ecoclean system is recognised and validated by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF).

How does our Ecoclean system work?

During the disinfection process, the our machine emits UV rays; these eradicate mites, bacteria, viruses, spores and moulds.
This powerful extraction system vacuums and brushes the mattress to eliminate all particles.

Système Ecoclean: machine Systee Ecoclean: machine

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Our expert team accompanies you in all stages. We offer fast services optimised for your needs.
Sample room
Sample room

More than words, a sample room will demonstrate our professionalism and the quality of our beds; enjoy without having to commit first!

Installation included
Installation included

Elite provides a delivery and installation service. Old beds can be removed for recycling.

Specifically for hotel businesses
Specifically for hotel businesses

Elite has developed a range of products specifically for hotel needs.

Special tailor-made solutions
Special tailor-made solutions

A room with unconventional measurements or a bed with surreal dimensions? Elite has the know-how to respond to special requests.

Budget and financing
Budget and financing

Elite offers solutions for all budgets thanks to our new financing formulas: Smart Lease (rent) and Elite Finance (payment by instalments).

Free and personalised advice
Free and personalised advice

Our products are not available in a standard catalogue. Our advisers can help you optimise space to make your beds functional and increase the profitability of your rooms.


Our outstanding Swiss quality products are specifically designed for hotels.

Explore the hotelite range - Swiss, sustainable and ecological.

Achieving the highest possible score for TÜV strength tests: Excellent.

Made in Switzerland with comfortable and durable materials and finishes.

Made to measure


With our clients, we make history.


The outstanding Swiss quality products, specifically designed for hotels.

Let's meet
Our sales representatives will come to meet you to discuss your needs and the best way to optimise your customer experience.