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The jury met in January and named the winners of the 2018 Elite Design Awards.


Maite Otano & Pablo Santos

The first prize went to Maite Otano and Pablo Santos, young designers from Barcelona, for the "H bed" project.

Maite and Pablo's work is focused on product and furniture design, where the user experience plays a fundamental role. The basic concept of their project is the balance between functionality, harmony and sustainability. In the constant search for innovation, their aim is to make people's lives easier and more enjoyable.

Fuhua Wang et Weichih Chen

Fuhua Wang and Weichih Chen were awarded 2nd prize for their Cuddle concept.

The innovative project of the two Taiwanese designers produced a headboard with folding sides to create a protective and comfortable feeling. Graduates in product design at the NABA School in Milan, Fuhua and Weichih collaborate as partners on many projects. Their design approach is focused on raw materials, the transformation process and industrial design for consumer products and electronic devices. They see each project as a new chapter in the history of innovation, a journey among observations, users, materials, technologies and beauty. They are dedicated to design that is meaningful, poetic and minimalist bringing life to their aesthetic creation.

 Chung-Yen Chang

The Formosa bed by Chinese designer Chung-Yen Chang won 3rd prize. Formosa, where Chung-Yen comes from, means beautiful island.

This concept represents the home, creating a sense of belonging and comfort. A graduate of Domus Academy, Chung-Yen began his career with Stefano Giovannoni. In his design work shapes are refined but there is also a practical solution that reflects the user experience and the emotional connection with objects. His design attempts to distil complex challenges into simple and intelligent solutions.


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