09 June 2020 | Conseil du bien dormir


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There is no doubt : sleep is a « performance » activity. Like any other similar activity, sleep also requires suitable equipment to achieve the best results, starting with the mattress !

Imagine for a moment you ran a 10 km race in flip-flops. You probably wouldn’t get your best time and you would most certainly have pretty sore feet at the finish line. The same applies to sleep ! You can sleep on the wrong mattress, but you won't sleep very well or get any of the benefits of good rest.

The right time to replace

Many people sleep for decades on a worn, inadequate mattress that no longer meets their needs in terms of comfort and support. As we age our bodies change and environmental influences affect our wellbeing. Weight gain and loss, changes in fitness level, pregnancy or illness are all factors to consider. Back or neck pain are signs that indicate our mattress is no longer suitable for us.

The lifetime of an industrial mattress is generally 7 to 8 years, but that does not mean that one should wait that long to replace it. To know if it is the right time to invest in a new mattress, there is no other better measurement than how you feel during and after sleeping. Your body tells you when it's time to replace your mattress ! If you're suffering from chronic pain and stiffness, 3 to 4 times a week, it's time to start looking for a new mattress, even if you haven't reached the 7-8 age mark yet.

Take our test now to determine if your bedding is tired :

Balance comfort and support

When choosing a mattress, it is essential to consider two main factors : comfort and support. However, let us take a closer look because they are not the same thing! The aim is to provide your body with enough support to align the spine and allow all of your muscles to relax during sleep. Always keep this in mind : firmness is not necessarily synonymous with support. The trick is to find the right degree of support without sacrificing comfort. The distinction between comfort and support can be unclear, so let's take a closer look.


Comfort is a feeling and thus a subjective measure. Each individual feels comfort on a mattress differently. For some, a firmer bed will be perfect, while others will experience greater comfort with a softer mattress. You are the sole judge of what is comfortable for you. As you age, your comfort preferences change. As we age, people tend to need a mattress with a softer initial layer, to limit pressure and promote blood circulation necessary for cell regeneration.


Support, on the other hand, is an objective measure. Your mattress provides a surface on which the body rests, which allows the spine to relax. Not everyone needs the same level of support to allow the spine and body to relax. At all stages of your life, your mattress should ideally :

- Support your body without sinking at the hips.

- Relieve and comfort pressure points, especially the knees, hips, shoulders and head.

- Allow your muscles to relax throughout the body, especially around the back.

What is a sign that you are not getting adequate support from your mattress ? Even after a comfortable night’s sleep, you feel stiffness or tension in your body.

Our advisors are there to guide you

Trust Elite and our expertise in great sleep. We consider that slowness is an appreciation of the richness of time and a guarantee of excellence. Because Elite is committed to supporting you every step of the way in choosing your custom bedding, we have designed a very easy-to-use mattress selector, available on our website. By entering information such as your weight, height and sleeping habits, the selector compares several mattresses from our range and guides you to an appropriate selection.


Visit one of our Elite Galleries where our sleep specialists will be happy to advise you in more detail. Test and find the ideal mattress to fully meet your expectations and improve your sleep and your well-being. Your individual preferences, health, lifestyle, as well as your budget will be taken into account before you are presented with a personalised quote. A good mattress is literally the foundation on which good sleep is built. Investing in your sleep is investing in your health, enabling you to get the rest you deserve and need.

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