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Elite Design Award: Real Designer beds !

Discover the 2022 winners !


For the past five years, Elite has held a competition to attract designers and creatives from around the world. From almost a hundred projects, the panel of judges has selected the project that best represented Elite’s vision of a true Designer bed. More than ever, the bed reigns supreme in terms of our bedroom design. And while our bedrooms get bigger and enjoy more light, our beds must take their design up a gear too.

Taking inspiration from iconic fashion designers, the participants were tasked with designing a bed with a sense of classical yet delicately assertive finesse, while also offering an extremely elegant contemporary look. On top of this theme, they had to incorporate the high-end image and artisanal expertise that have made Elite beds famous.

Elite is delighted by the panel’s selection, and it is our pleasure to announce the three winners of this fifth edition :

1 header winner 1 Natalia Kędzierska

1st place « MILOE »

First place went to the “Miloe” bed from Polish designer Natalia Kędzierska, a masterclass in delicacy. The judges adored the attention to detail, the fine lines, and its sheer elegance. Its “aura” will turn any bedroom into a warm, soft cocoon !

Inspired by Asian clothing, the headboard consists of three padded parts: two larger elements are placed directly on the floor, while the third smaller element forms part of the bed frame. Each of these parts is accentuated by a darker veined effect, a combination which lends it a timeless elegance. The Designer details and the simplicity of its shape make this bed sublime and delicate.

2 header winner 2 Joris Bonnesoeur

2nd place « ISOLA »

In second place, “Isola” from French industrial and interior designer Joris Bonnesoeur puts the bed right at the heart of the bedroom. It brings together the various functions of the room like a “Swiss army knife” while taking inspiration from the elegant leatherwork of the finest designers, making it very much a Designer piece. This creation, featuring a double-sided leather headboard, can offer both intimacy and function. One side is dedicated to the bed and to sleeping, while the other offers the user a desk, a hair styling space or even a dressing room.

“Isola” will fit right into larger contemporary bedrooms, adding a touch of warmth with its warming and spectacular design.

3 header winner 3 Wen-Heng Chang and Tz-Yun Huang

3rd place « EMBRACE »

In third place, “Embrace” from Chinese designers Wen-Heng Chang and Tz-Yun Huang offers soft and enveloping forms. The headboard features an extremely pleasant indirect light source and a useful small tabletop. This creation aims to combine both decorative and storage functions, helping optimise the space available. The creators took inspiration from nature: to survive, life sometimes develops a protective shell to protect a soft and delicate heart. Continuing with this metaphor, the user enters their bedroom and can lower their guard as they slip into their cocoon. All that’s left is to stretch out on their comfortable bed and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. Elite loves this model for its finishes, which are as beautiful as they are functional.

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