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Shahirl Faisal

Shahirl Faisal, a designer based in Kuala Lumpur, wins the
1st prize with the "Swatches" bed

The “Swatches” bed is heavily influenced by the fashion and product design world where the shapes and forms are simple but the quality of design is accentuated by the texture, colour and material finishes. The contrast between each element creates a sophisticated yet harmony and balance outcome. This concept enables high possibility of customization in accordance to the personal taste of the user. The stiches along the bed frame edges magnify the craftmanship fineness and expose the hand-made touches. To be timeless as well as sustainable, all of upholstered parts can be removeable and then be updated with new finishes and style.

Zohreh Ahooei

The 2nd prize goes to Zohreh Ahooei, a young German designer of Iranian origin for the "AVO" bed.

The bed consists of seven parts and two materials only. These pieces are connected with just a click through the side bolsters. For fixation only few screws are needed. The design focuses on embracing the limitations and comfort benefits of the shape of an automotive seat. Mingled with a creative construction, that could fit every design aficionado’s living room perfectly. For a timeless design, functionality is the key to every single piece of the “AVO” concept. Outstanding qualities enable the design to age well aesthetically and from an ecological point of view. Sustainable materials, joint in a simplistic way, create a long-lasting design experience.

Rachel Suming Kam Hyo

"Nine" by French product designer Rachel Suming,
wins 3rd prize

In a context of fast-paced lives and overloaded homes, “Nine” offers an elegant and seamless design for those in need to slow their rhythm down and disconnect from their busy days. With its organic curves, a frame close to the floor and a comforting Swiss wool envelop, “Nine” is an invitation into a soft, soothing and cloudy atmosphere. Appearing as a white cloud with discrete bedside tables, built-in bench as well as many hidden drawers, “Nine” seeks to be essentially intimate and reassuring yet offering many functions without the feeling of a cluttered space. The design is thought as simple as possible to emphasize Elite upholstery and cabinet making know-how and to enhance the elegance of the materials.

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