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Elite Design Award 2020

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The jury met in January and selected the winners of the Elite Design Award 2020 competition.


Sergio Luis Torres Gallué et Dariel Quiñones Torres

Sergio Luis Torres Gallué and Dariel Quiñones Torres, are designers based in Spain and winners of the 1st  prize with the «MIOTA» bed.

«Miota» is designed to delight while creating the optimal environment for good sleep. The design of the headboard is inspired by the typical accessories usually used in winter: earmuffs, headbands, caps, headphones… The concept uses formal simplicity in its curved and softened outlines to give a feeling of comfort, smoothness, aesthetic harmony and warmth that embraces the sleeper when lying in bed.

The enveloping curve of the headboard in black wool tucks us up and isolates us from the rest of the room and is designed to fit perfectly into an intimate environment such a bedroom. The aesthetic and formal quality is achieved through the innovative use of lines, textures and fabrics.

The frame and headboard are manufactured with black wool and black metal legs, creating a timeless elegance. The headboard is suspended in the air but joined to the frame, forming a unique piece of furniture made in the spirit of haute-couture.

Buket Hoşcan Bazman et Erman Bazman

Buket Hoşcan Bazman and Erman Bazman, are young designers from Turkey and winners of the 2nd prize for the «Metamorphosis» bed.

Nature meets design. The «Metamorphosis» is a combination of the elegance of high-end tailoring and the aesthetics of nature.

The design intention of the «Metamorphosis» Bed is to radiate a calm, yet strong appearance. It can be placed against a wall or the centre of the room.

The headboard was inspired by the special shapes of the Oyster mushroom. Drapé is a process of transforming a fabric or leather into a three-dimensional form. This process has been applied inside the headboard, embracing the bed frame, while the saddle-leather surface continues behind the bed and the bed frame. The invisible side tables on both sides are made of wood to create a special place for all those essentials - books, jewellery and accessories.

Ludivine Gay et Arthur Schmidt

Ludivine Gay and Arthur Schmidt are designers from France and winners of the 3rd prize for their «Luna» bed.

The «Luna» bed was born out of a need to reflect softness and compactness in contemporary homes. «Luna's» design offers an element of real comfort and optimisation of the room space; without neglecting aesthetics.

The bedside tables have been reimagined for comfort and practical function. The extended headboard allows for two essential functions of the traditional bedside table: a reading light and storage space. Thin brass bars allow books, headphones or glasses to be suspended, offering a simple, efficient and practical way to organise the bedside table.

Two translucent glass balls have been attached to the tubular brass structure to provide soft and warm lighting for the dematerialised bedside lights. The name Luna, was inspired by the lighting system that creates a moment of rest and relaxation.

«Luna» is made of three materials, chosen with the aim of valorising local resources. The flanges of the headboard and the interior part of the bedspring are made of Swiss curly wool and evoke softness and comfort. Brass is used for the structure of the headboard and the feet, offering a smooth contrast to the wool and provides a discreet touch of nobility. The frame is made of wood, providing both strength and warmth. The hover-hang creates comfortable seating on three sides of the bed.

The «Luna» bed aims to be comfortable and welcoming, with a timeless design and marked by local knowledge.

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