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The boxspring was invented in the United States in the mid-19th century and, together with a good quality mattress, provides incomparable comfort.

In private homes, hotels or cruise ships all over the world, the boxspring has become synonymous with luxurious comfort. This word boxspring literally refers to a frame with springs. It creates the ideal suspension for the pocket spring mattress and is far superior to the slatted base.

Two types of springs
Two types of springs are used to make the boxspring. The Bonell springs, shaped like an hourglass, are interconnected and are the champions of sustainability, offering long-lasting quality and support. The Bagged springs are distinguished by their flexibility and used in the Windsor boxspring base. Most Elite bases are manufactured with an exclusive spring developed by its founder, Jules-Henri Caillet, a master upholsterer inspired by the Bonnell spring and the technology used in the most comfortable seating at the time. His innovation combined the two technologies and transformed this know-how from the world of seating to that of bedding. The principle is simple: using conical shaped springs of different heights allows for differentiated support for each part of the body. This is the secret to the exceptional comfort of an Elite bed. His innovation combined the two technologies and transformed this know-how from the world of seating to that of bedding.

 Le wooden boxspring


The "Woodenboxspring" is at the forefront of innovation
Over time, Elite has continued to improve the invention of Jules-Henri Caillet. In 2016, Elite proudly launched the Woodenboxspring, an innovative new system created in partnership with the Bernese University of Applied Sciences. It was a response to a demand for those who favour 100% natural materials without metal components while still enjoying the comfort offered by a boxspring.

Box spring frame
In its mission to increase well-being, Elite worked on the design to perfect the frame of its boxsprings. The slightly bowl-shaped edges stabilise the mattress while making it easier to put the sheets in place for a perfectly made bed.

In addition to their exceptional support, boxsprings provide ideal ventilation for the mattress. Elite boxsprings are handcrafted from solid Swiss wood sourced in forests near the workshop in Aubonne.
These boxsprings are repairable and last twice as long as those made by competitors. In addition, the natural materials emit no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), unlike the inferior glue-laminated wood used by most commercial manufacturers.

Over time, the box spring has also become a decorative element. Clients can choose from an endless variety of fabrics, colours and shapes. Integrated storage is also available.


The invention of the box spring base dates back to around the 16th century. Around that time, people began using slats under the mattress to protect them from dirt and extend the life of the mattress. Modern bases still play the role of giving a mattress the appropriate support it needs! Therefore, it is an important consideration when choosing a new mattress because a tired boxspring can destroy even a quality mattress in the space of a few weeks.

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