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26 May 2020
What will we learn from this time? For some intellectuals, the 21st century should be spiritual, religious or even mystical. What if it was simply respectful? What if it was respectful of minorities, beliefs, differences, others and above all the planet!
12 May 2020
Taking care of your mattress to extend its lifetime The lifespan of an industrial mattress is generally 7 to 8 years. For an Elite mattress, this can be around twenty years. Maintaining your mattress is essential because it will help extend its life considerably. The quality of your sleep depends directly on the comfort and hygiene of the mattress.
30 April 2020
Elite among the nominees of the Umweltpreis der Wirtschaft The «Umweltpreis der Wirtschaft» proves that sustainability can also bring financial rewards. The 2020 nominees have been selected and Elite is one of them! This year the President of the Jury is former President of the Swiss Confederation Doris Leuthard.
14 April 2020
When allergies prevent sleep Allergies are blooming! They affect almost one in three people and in half of cases are respiratory. This type of allergy specifically impacts sleep, but not only: the relationship between your sleep quality and allergies affects other aspects of life such as your concentration, appetite and stress levels.
06 April 2020
Confinement: some advice to avoid losing your footing This confinement seems to be an opportunity to catch up on some missing sleep however, beware: sleeping more does not mean sleeping better. Here is some advice to not lose your footing and to maintain a certain discipline during this health crisis.
25 February 2020
Eco-responsible bedding: elite makes it possible At Elite, the environmental aspect was never just a fad: this issue has always been at the heart of our concerns. For 125 years we have been working for your well-being, based on local, responsible and rigorously controlled production.
20 February 2020
Elite Design Award 2020Discover the winners The jury met in January and selected the winners of the Elite Design Award 2020 competition.
14 February 2020
The art of sleeping together Almost one out of two Swiss people sleep as a couple. Sleep is the right time for solace, thus it is perfectly normal to enjoy the presence of a partner in bed. Of course this is provided that the two partners do not interfere with each other’s sleep during the night. Is it better to sleep alone than in bad company? Not always! Every couple has their own set-up.
28 January 2020
Rediscovering the pleasure of sleeping « Did I sleep well last night ? » This is certainly one of the first questions we ask ourselves when we wake up. So that this does not become a daily worry, some good habits are necessary.
14 January 2020
Your well-being, our inspiration for 125 years As our exceptional 125-year celebration looms, it is essential for us to remember where Elite places, and indeed has always placed, its values.
30 December 2019
Make sleeping well your new year's resolution for 2020 !

In 2020, choose to prioritise the importance of your sleep and enjoy the benefits it has on your health. Learn new habits, find ways to disconnect and make your bedroom a haven of peace to restore your vitality and energy every night.

19 December 2019
On the inuit side

As our pace of life accelerates and our nights shorten, our anguish at the prospect of a sleepless night remains a cultural constant. While in the West, the room and sleeping comfort are important, they do not arouse the same interest among the Inuit at all.

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