The perfect combination for a soft and progressive reception


This latest generation mattress provides incomparable comfort. The unique Duoflex suspension technology ensures, thanks to a progressive compression of the pocket springs, an exceptional comfort and softness on the surface while guaranteeing a firm perfect support of the vertebral and lumbar column. The 7 comfort zones help relieve excessive pressure in sensitive areas of the body such as the neck and cervical, shoulders as well as of course the hips.

  • Firmness and dimensions:
    Three firmness levels, as well as standard and custom sizes.

  • Fact sheet

  • Flamenco Thickness: 28 cm

    28 cm

  • Flamenco Technology: ressorts ensachés Duoflex

    Duoflex pocket springs

  • Flamenco Comfort zones: 7 zones

    Comfort zones
    7 zones

  • L'accueil du Flamenco: moelleux


  • Flamenco Faces: Summer/Winter


  • Flamenco option: Him/her


Sleep’n Dream guarantee
There is a specific mattresses guarantee at Elite, applicable only in Switzerland. It is possible to change the firmness of your mattress free of charge under the conditions detailed at the URL that you will find by clicking on the link below.

Ten Care
For a period of 10 years, Elite guarantees the sleep you deserve by taking into account the abnormal wear of the mattress due to the conditions described at the URL at the link below.

All spring mattresses have a lifetime warranty, provided that they have been used in a normal manner and in accordance with the instructions. For more details click on the link below.

  • Flamenco care: Avoid folding the mattress

    Avoid folding the mattress

  • Flamenco care: Swap ends now and again

    Swap ends now and again

  • Flamenco care: Turn your mattress over twice a year

    Turn your mattress over twice a year

  • Flamenco care: Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support

    Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support

  • Flamenco care: Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame

    Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame

What is the secret of the Flamenco?

High quality Swiss know-how and exceptional manufacturing precision.

Raw materials

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The rich, 100% natural padding of this magnificent mattress, on its summer side, is composed of refreshing layers and, on its winter side, padding with high thermal properties and a layer of memory foam for a feeling of deeper cocooning. The layers, shown here, ensure a perfect thermal regulation by absorbing moisture and odours provide incomparable cosiness.

  • Flamenco Raw materials: Tussah Silk
    Tussah Silk 300 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: Lamb's wool
    Lamb's wool 400 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: SeaCell®
    SeaCell® 200 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: Pure tail horsehair
    Pure tail horsehair 1,250 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: 100% natural latex
    100% natural latex 3 cm
  • Flamenco Raw materials: Organic cotton
    Organic cotton 200 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: Swiss wool
    Swiss wool 500 g/m2
  • Flamenco Raw materials: Cashmere
    Cashmere 200 g/m2


Duoflex pocket springs

Duoflex technology is part of the latest innovations in pocket springs. In sensitive bearing areas, micro-springs are inserted into the main springs thus providing progressive compression.

Flamenco Technology: Duoflex pocket springs


Composition du matelas Flamenco


The interior upholstery, fully hand-fitted by the artisan, keeps all layers of padding together and gives the octagonal stitching a unique luxurious finish.

The Flamenco is wrapped in the Royal ticking, woven from viscose and cotton with aloe vera, and equipped with 4 air vents.


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