Each zone with independent technology for exceptional comfort


This high-tech yet natural mattress consists of an Alpin'herbs foam core made with lavender and Swiss herbs to ensure a feeling of well-being and appeasement. The Bolero is a hybrid model composed of a triple-body foam containing pocket springs in the centre to ensure optimal support of the lumbar spine, with memory foam at the shoulder to reduce pressure in this area and more widely around the cervical region while offering high quality comfort.

  • Firmness and dimensions:
    Three firmness levels, as well as standard and custom sizes.

  • Fact sheet

  • Bolero Thickness: 24 cm

    24 cm

  • Bolero Technology: Triple-body Evopore Foam

    Triple-body Evopore Foam

  • Bolero Comfort zones: 7 zones

    Comfort zones
    7 zones

  • Bolero Support: Back


  • Bolero Reception: compact


Sleep’n Dream guarantee
There is a specific mattresses guarantee at Elite, applicable only in Switzerland. It is possible to change the firmness of your mattress free of charge under the conditions detailed at the URL that you will find by clicking on the link below.

Ten Care
For a period of 10 years, Elite guarantees the sleep you deserve by taking into account the abnormal wear of the mattress due to the conditions described at the URL at the link below.

  • Bolero care: Avoid folding the mattress

    Avoid folding the mattress

  • Bolero care: Swap ends now and again

    Swap ends now and again

  • Bolero care: Turn your mattress over twice a year

    Turn your mattress over twice a year

  • Bolero care: Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support

    Place the mattress directly on a ventilated support

  • Bolero care: Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame

    Do not place the mattress on an unsuitable bed frame

What is the secret of the Bolero?

High quality Swiss know-how and exceptional manufacturing precision.

Raw Materials

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100% natural padding includes Swiss wool, soy fibre, SeaCell® fibre and Lyocell fibre.

  • Bolero Raw Materials: Lyocell
    Lyocell 200 g/m2
  • Bolero Raw Materials: SeaCell®
    SeaCell® 200 g/m2
  • Bolero Raw Materials: Soya
    Soya 200 g/m2
  • Bolero Raw Materials: Swiss wool
    Swiss wool 300 g/m2


Triple-body Evopore foam

This hybrid model consists of a triple-body core made of Alpin'herbs foam made with Swiss lavender and herbs. The pelvis area is further supported by micro-springs while the shoulder area is reinforced with visco-elastic foam.

Bolero Technology: Triple-body Evopore foam


Bolero Composition


The geometric design of the quilting illustrates the comfort zones and supports the elasticity of the ticking especially in the shoulder area.

The Bolero is wrapped with the Ellipse ticking, woven from 100% viscose, and equipped with 4 air vents.

Bolero Finishes: Coutil Elllipse


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