Insert bed base


This slat bed base is a remarkable masterpiece. Its Arnitel high-tech mobile ball joint system and its high-strength polymer compound slats ensure increased durability, point-to-point mattress support and five-star comfort. Its extra-fine openwork elastic slats ensure both great flexibility and perfect mattress ventilation.

This high-end model is equipped with two manual-lifting sleeping surfaces (head and legs) providing multiple relaxation positions.

With a thickness of only 7.5 cm, it integrates into all standard dimension bed frames or can be simply placed on feet.

  • Elite Multi Confort Technology: High strength slats

    High strength slats

  • Elite Multi Confort Lifting bed base: Head and/or feet

    Lifting bed base
    Head and/or feet

  • Elite Multi Confort In two parts: From 140 cm

    In two parts
    From 140 cm

What is the secret of the Elite Multi Comfort?

High quality Swiss know-how and exceptional manufacturing precision.


Equipped with a system of adjustable Arnitel ball joints as well as extra fine openwork elastic slats made of high strength polymer compound.


Equipped with two manually-lifting lying surfaces (head and legs), the Elite Flat Relax can provide multiple relaxation positions.

  • Sleeping position
    Sleeping position
  • Back adjustment
    Back adjustment
  • Leg adjustment
    Leg adjustment
  • Inclined with raised legs
    Inclined with raised legs


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