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This extra-flat bed base, divided into two lying surfaces (back and legs) that can be lifted manually, provides many relaxation positions. The Elite Flat Relax consists of 14 double slats made of high strength polymer compound; they provide optimal point by point support for the sleeper. Its Multiplex beech frame is reinforced with solid beech crosspieces, making the whole structure extremely robust.

Its high-tech mobile SBS ball joints ensure flexibility. Extra flat, this bed base is particularly suitable for design beds and fits easily in all bed frames.

  • Elite Flat Relax Technology: High strength slats

    High strength slats

  • Elite Flat Relax Lifting bed base: tête et/ou pied

    Lifting bed base
    Head and/or feet

  • Elite Flat Relax In two parts: From 140 cm

    In two parts
    From 140 cm

What is the secret of the Elite Flat Relax?

High quality Swiss know-how and exceptional manufacturing precision.


Equipped with a system of adjustable Arnitel ball joints as well as extra fine openwork elastic slats made of high strength polymer compound.


Equipped with two manually-lifting lying surfaces (head and legs), the Elite Flat Relax can provide multiple relaxation positions.

  • Sleeping position
    Sleeping position
  • Back adjustment
    Back adjustment
  • Leg adjustment
    Leg adjustment
  • Inclined with raised legs
    Inclined with raised legs


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