Electric bed base


The virtuoso of relaxation beds, the Elite Quadro-Motion consists of five lying surfaces that adjust to any desired resting position. Its sturdy slatted suspension made of high-strength polymer compound provides seamless sleeper support for premium comfort. A high-tech flex system made from Arnitel non-deformable material ensures flexibility and durability.

The radio frequency remote control allows to easily control its four motors. Easily programmable, it is simple to find your favourite relaxation positions to read or watch a movie comfortably. You will want to stay in your bed. With the Push & Stop system, the four powerful and quiet 6000 Nm motors are powered only during use; therefore, there is no residual current under your bed.

Available in standard sizes, this bed base fits all bed frames or can be simply placed on feet (optional).

  • Elite Quadro-Motion Technology: High strength slats

    High strength slats

  • Elite Quadro-Motion Relaxation bed base: Multiple positions

    Relaxation bed base
    Multiple positions

  • Elite Quadro-Motion System: Remote control

    Remote control

  • Elite Quadro-Motion In two parts: From 140 cm

    In two parts
    From 140 cm

What is the secret of the Elite Quadro-Motion?

High quality Swiss know-how and exceptional manufacturing precision.


The latest generation state-of-the-art slatted relaxation bed with four motors with high-strength polymer compound suspension and high-tech Arnitel flex ball joint system. An extremely strong beech frame ensures perfect stability in all positions.


The radio frequency remote control allows to adjust your well-being position precisely and effortlessly; because it memorises positions, it is easy to find the right posture to read, watch TV or relax in complete comfort.

  • Sleeping position
    Sleeping position
  • Head and back adjustment
    Head and back adjustment
  • Back adjustment
    Back adjustment
  • Leg adjustment with back support
    Leg adjustment with back support
  • Zero gravity relaxation position
    Zero gravity relaxation position


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