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We are proud to present our latest innovation at the Milan Furniture Fair: the WoodenBoxpring. This technological advance serves both the planet and high-level comfort.  

The origins

The reputation of the Elite boxspring is well established. This piece of furniture has existed for more than a century and was most popular in the 60s to 80s. Mass industrialisation preferred production of slat frames of all kinds and from all sources, basic bed frames, completely neglecting comfort and back support as well as ecological concerns.

Over the last ten years, with growing awareness and increasing numbers of acute back pathologies, the boxspring has been rethroned at the height of good sleep.


After months of research and development in partnership with the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), Elite is very proud to unveil the WoodenBoxspring. Entirely made of wood, this new all-in-one bed combines the frame and bed base, redefining a standard.

Unique on the market, its Swiss wood suspension made in our workshops offers comfort and strength features similar to the metal springs used in the original Elite Boxspring. This innovative simple design spring moves in every direction; its progressive compression provides optimal mattress support and better sleeper comfort simultaneously given that the boxspring contributes 30% to comfort and back support.

The advantages of the WoodenBoxspring

Sleeping independence
Fully independent wooden springs, perfect suspension; point support and multi-directional movement.



Slat bed base

Slat bed base

Thermal Regulation
The natural lining of the WoodenBoxspring prevents the rise of floor heating thus helping to maintain a suitable sleeping temperature.



Slat bed base

Slat bed base

Comfort zone
3 comfort zones for better support of sensitive areas.

Comfort zone

Balanced support of the mattress
Augments mattress comfort and prolongs its useful life.

Balanced support of the mattress

Raised edge system
Bed base with four raised edges cut into the wood keeps the mattress in position.

Raised edge system

The WoodenBoxspring can be made from different species of solid wood but also from lacquered wood. WoodenBoxspring is designed to satisfy demanding clients looking for a high quality natural materials bed, corresponding to both their design desires as well as their comfort and back support needs.

Our Woodenboxsprings

Discover our products

Boxspring - Wooden springs


The Vincennes woodenboxspring is designed for a demanding clientele looking for a high quality wooden bed, corresponding to both their design desires as well as their needs for comfort and back support.

Boxspring - Wooden springs


An innovative combination of a boxspring with wooden springs, the Trianon woodenboxspring will fit into your bedroom perfectly to become the most important piece of furniture there.

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