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CE2 Conference

Circular economy entrepreneur

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The 2020 Circular Economy Entrepreneur Conference (CE2),  took place at the heart of the Elite workshops in Aubonne. This year’s theme explored new business models and the conditions of the associated political framework.

François Pugliese, Directeur de la société Elite

François Pugliese, director and owner of Elite, explained the new business model that he implemented in 2010 to cope with the euro crisis and the strong franc. Smart Lease, an innovative leasing system developed by Elite, enables hoteliers to offer their guests high-quality beds and mattresses and only pay when the room is occupied. This new business model is the first of its kind in the world and helps hoteliers deliver the best night’s sleep to their guests and encourages loyalty.

"This type of business model encourages the production and design of quality products. Leased products remain the responsibility of the manufacturer, making it essential to design very high-quality mattresses and beds that will last as long as possible and reduce the risk of financial loss. Unlike planned obsolescence, which the public experiences too often, Elite embraces and supports the changes in consumer consumption patterns. Our private and hotel customers must be able to acquire products that are both comfortable and durable," adds François Pugliese.

Buket Hoşcan Bazman et Erman Bazman

The conference was also attended by Adèle Thens Goumaz, from the Swiss Green Party, who was eager to hear how state policies could better support businesses for a greener economy. She urged politicians not to be afraid to invest in recovery plans for ecological transformation during this time of crisis. Greens have always been better off when things were going well, rather than in times of economic crisis. She strongly advocates for innovation and is convinced that the green economy will find the best solutions while the state should be there to create favourable policies that support the movement.

Another example proving that it is possible to make a profit while producing sustainable products is the one given by François Marthaler, former Green State Councillor in Vaud and current chairman on the Board of Directors of why! Open computing SA. He shared that when he started La Bonne Combine workshops 30 years ago, he was criticised for encouraging repairs instead of buying new which at the time was considered to be killing industrial jobs. He continues to fight planned obsolescence with Why, the sustainable computer brand. According to him, "the green economy will be well on its way when companies compete with each other to build technology that lasts."

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