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Elite beds at the heart of excellence

Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo - An exceptional service

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The iconic palace, Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo lives up to guests expectations with excellent services. Since 2017, the 5-star luxury establishment has offered guests the exceptional sleeping comfort of Elite mattresses.

Portrait Ivan ArtolliWe interviewed Ivan Artolli, the general manager, who has recently renovated and refurbished this legendary hotel, ideally located on the Place du Casino.


How did you find Elite ?

Ivan Artolli : The renovation allowed us to rethink the quality of our guest's sleep and led us to Elite, an ideal partner renowned for its excellence in the sleep industry. Delighting our guests and exceeding their expectations has always been the ambition of our legendary hotel. The comfort of our bedding and our customers' sleep has always been close to our heart. 

Is a hotel able to differentiate itself from its competitors by the sleeping comfort it offers to its guests ?

IA: For an establishment of our standing, which upholds such a reputation, the comfort of our guests has always been at the center of our attention and will continue to be so in the future. We are affiliated with Leading Hotels of the Worlds. Our high standards of quality and comfort have earned us 5-star status from Forbes Travel Guide and many other recognitions. 

What made you want to work with Elite ?

IA : The company has a very high reputation. We also checked the quality of the experience and the satisfaction of your customers as well as the feedback that the hotels you provide had received from their guests. We then tested several models from the range of mattresses you offer to find the one that would be the comfiest for our customers. 

What do you consider important criteria when purchasing mattresses ?

IA : One of the objectives of the Principality of Monaco, the Société de Bains de Mer and our hotels is to respect nature and the environment and to prove it by benefiting from an international certification for sustainable tourism. Elite bedding has the EU ECOLABEL certification, which has enabled us to be GREEN GLOBE certified for 3 years. We have a very informed and aware clientele who care about the ecosystem and the impact of our choices. Elite's sustainable bedding is considered an advantage for our hotel guests as well as our employees.


The iconic palace hotel in Monaco, The Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, offer a combination of various exclusive experiences that meet the expectations and desires of their privileged guests: new exceptional suites, 3-star restaurant in the Michelin Guide (the Louis XV - Alain Ducasse), the jewellers' courtyard, privileged access to Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo, the Casino de Monte-Carlo and the haute couture boutiques of One Monte-Carlo. Everything here converges into an unforgettable 5-star experience.

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