01 November 2020 | PRODUCTS


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Elite mattress toppers are available in wool, silk, feather, memory foam or springs and designed to make your bed more comforting and more luxurious.  Our advisors can help you find the one that perfectly suits your personal preferences.

Does your bed your bed remind you more of camping than a luxury hotel, an Elite mattress topper could make your bed feel more luxurious, comfortable and softer. Should your bed already feels like a five-star hotel, a mattress topper may not be necessary but can could help eliminate pressure points, keep you cool or warm depending on the season and enhance the quality of your night's sleep. "People who choose to have two separate mattresses on a single box spring base enjoy the perfectly flat surface as it reduces the chances of the mattresses moving, especially during restless nights," adds Tanja Bohren, sales consultant at the Aubonne showroom.

Elite toppers can be custom-made and attached to an Elite mattress with zip fasteners. However, nothing prevents you from taking advantage of their benefits should you have a mattress from another brand.


Each of the five models have unique advantages:


For the anti-humidity effect

« Coquelicot »

The layer of 5 cm virgin Swiss sheep's wool, helps to disperse heat evenly and reduce humidity, keeping you dry in summer and winter! This exceptionally soft, natural material is very popular with rheumatoid arthritis sufferers, as it relieves pressure on the most sensitive areas.

For the thermo-regulating effect

« Magnolia »

The 5 cm of pure tussah silk in the Magnolia Topper is the best solution for staying cool when temperatures soar. This model assists in regulating temperature and is the ideal companion for a good nights rest during the warm season.

For the cocoon effect

« Lotus »

"It feels like sleeping in a nest," says Tanja Bohren. The Lotus mattress topper is filled with soft goose down, so the feeling is no coincidence. Its exceptional comfort is due to its two-layer structure, each layer consisting of a mixture of down and feathers. The elasticised fastening allows it to fit onto any mattress. If your bed is too hard, The Lotus could change the quality of your nights and help you wake up feeling more energised and rejuvenated.

For the levitation effect

« Orchidée »

Fully covered with ultra-soft mini-springs and padding on two sides - one for summer and one for winter - give it incomparable comfort. For Tanja Bohren, "Sleeping on Orchidée is like spending the night in a cloud". It's no wonder since springs have been at the heart of Elite's expertise for 125 years! To further enhance the sleeper's well-being, the summer padding is made of lambswool, tussah silk and Seacell fibre, an eco-friendly material made from algae with hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties. On the winter side, the paddings of lambswool, organic cotton and cashmere combine to keep your body at an ideal temperature.

For the supportive effect

« Gentiane »

The 6 cm memory foam, which comprises this mattress topper adapts to the body shape of the sleeper and gives the feeling of weightlessness - provided that the room temperature is at least 18°C. The advantage of the Gentian is the summer and winter sides. The summer side is made from a blend of organic cotton, tussah silk and Seacell fibre. The winter side consists of Swiss wool, organic cotton and cashmere to ensure maximum warmth.

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