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Make sleeping well your new year's resolution for 2020 !

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In 2020, choose to prioritise the importance of your sleep and enjoy the benefits it has on your health. Learn new habits, find ways to disconnect and make your bedroom a haven of peace to restore your vitality and energy every night.

As the New Year approaches, most of us enthusiastically make a list of resolutions for the year ahead, each one healthier than the year before; spend more quality time with your partner, quit smoking, walk instead of taking the bus, the list goes on. How much more could you achieve in 2020 if you made sleeping well a high priority on your New Year's resolution list?

Good sleep is an essential aspect of our well-being and impacts on our physical and mental health.

Our stressful, fast pace-paced lives have made sleep disorders an epidemic.

In 2020, choose to prioritise the importance of your sleep and enjoy the benefits it has on your health. Learn new habits, find ways to disconnect and make your bedroom a haven of peace to restore your vitality and energy every night.

Bonnes résolutions 2020

« Suffering from back pain or sleep disorders? It's time to invest in a good quality new mattress ! »

The quality of our bed determines the quality of our rest. Most people don't realise the connection between their bedding and their health problems.

While not an answer to all ailments, the right bed and mattress is the first step towards improved performance and renewed vitality. Nearly 80% of the population suffer from recurring back pain. Sedentary lifestyles, poor posture, stress and tension take their toll on our backs. Hyperactivity in our society leaves little time for calm and peaceful nights.

During the REM sleep phase, when the brain activity is intense, sleep is more superficial and therefore sensitive to pressure and discomfort. A mattress that is too hard or too soft can be the cause of waking too often. A good bed should provide dynamic support for the back, lumbar and hip area while at the same time creating a soft, comforting welcome that reduces pressure points and allows the muscles to relax. Custom-made quality bedding enables the muscular system to relax and reduce micro-awakenings. Proper support while we sleep helps the body to relax and achieve deep restorative sleep and allow the body to rejuvenate and repair itself. Wake up feeling energised and revitalised !

Elite produces mattresses in 3 tensions of springs tailored to your personal preferences, body height, weight and your budget. Our professional sleep advisors will welcome you to one of our showrooms and help you select the ideal mattress from our wide selection.

To enjoy the best night’s sleep, wrap yourself up in our cosy duvets and pillows. The finest quality natural and noble materials used in our duvets and pillows regulate body temperature and ensure exceptional comfort and freshness all year round.

« Sleep well in a room where the bed is the centrepiece ! »

It's very difficult to find peace in an untidy or disorderly environment. The atmosphere in the bedroom is often overlooked and plays an essential role in the quality of your sleep.

Your bedroom should be a haven dedicated to sleep; peaceful, quiet, soothing, pleasant and orderly. How else can you relieve the stress of the day and clear your mind before going to sleep? The ideal colours of the walls should be light, pastel tones which are conducive to relaxation. Soft, subdued lighting guarantees a peaceful and restorative night. The bedroom decor should make you feel good and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

We specialise in custom-made and hand-crafted beds and mattresses. Our master craftsmen place their know-how at your disposal to make the bed of your dreams. The smallest details of your bed can be personalised to reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences; size, headboard design and choice of fabrics.

We all have routines we follow before going to bed; removing make-up, brushing our teeth, refreshing our face. Sleepiness should be part of this daily routine. Adopt the same bedtime routine every night to prepare your body to relax before you even set foot in bed. Go to bed at a set time because regularity is what works best when it comes to sleep. Put your phone down, flip through the pages of your bedside book, talk to your partner. Finally, concentrate on your breathing to release all the energy accumulated during the day and breathe out deeply. Now you are ready to dream in the arms of Morpheus!

Bonnes résolutions 2020
Bonnes résolutions 2020

« Fall asleep in the comfort of a Swiss Made bed ! »

Out of deep conviction and respect for our origins and history, Elite continues to manufacture in Switzerland. In this way, we work to maintain know-how and respect Swiss quality while preserving jobs. Swiss Made is well known as a reference of quality and assures the end-user that the product is designed according to strict standards.

Centralised manufacturing at our factory in Aubonne, allows for increased quality control and optimal monitoring of production. Elite relies on a network of highly qualified and carefully selected partners to ensure the quality of the entire production chain.

« Choose a mattress that is certified chemical-free and made with ethically sourced, natural and sustainable materials ! »

Since 1895 Elite have always favoured natural, chemical-free materials and non-industrialised production. Preserving and protecting the environment and customers health is the core of our philosophy and our commitment to tomorrows world.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything it comes into contact with through the pores. We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed, making it essential to pay special attention to the composition and origin of the materials used in the manufacturing process and avoid exposure to harmful chemicals.

European Eco-label is a highly recognised certification which sets strict and clear rules. Rigorous resistance and comfort tests take into account the ecological impact of the product on the environment as well as its intrinsic quality and durability. As everyone knows, an "organic" product is not necessarily a quality product!

It was natural for Elite to follow this approach and receive the highly recognised European Ecolabel certification to guarantee clients have purchased a sustainable and high-quality product.

We hope you find these words of advice valuable and invite you to take care of your sleep and that of your loved ones in 2020 !

We thank you warmly for the trust you have shown throughout the year and wish you a truly exceptional year-end celebration and great start to the new year !

Bonnes résolutions 2020
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