29 October 2020 | PRODUCTS


Enjoy the benefits and comfort of the Ambiance E-Motion bed

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Elite's electric relaxation bed with customised settings allows you to enjoy your favourite position whether you are reading, watching a movie or sleeping. Various programme settings can wake you gently or transform your bed into a masseuse to relieve stress and sore muscles.

  • Easy to use remote control. Our E-Motion electric bed base comes with state-of-the-art remote technology that operates quietly and smoothly. When setting up your Elite E-Motion Ambiance box spring, you have the convenience of choosing between using our remote control or downloading our user-friendly application to your iPad or iPhone. Three settings can be stored in the memory to conveniently access your favourite resting or sleeping positions by pressing a single button.


  • Relieve pressure on the upper or lower body. Adjustable beds are supremely comfortable and designed to raise the upper or lower body and relieve tension and reduce joint, neck and back strain. Raising the bottom half of the bed can help improve blood circulation and help those who experience issues with swollen legs, ankles and feet. Raising your upper body reduces the pressure on the chest and respiratory system, improving the quality of sleep for those who suffer from sleep apnoea, acid reflux and digestive problems. Research shows that it may even reduce snoring.


  • Enjoy the luxury of a massage without leaving your bed. Take advantage of having a massage in the comfort and privacy of your bed. The high definition vibration waves can be set to massage either the whole body or part and will help your muscles relax and prepare your mind for sleep.


  • Be woken gently without an alarm clock. Do you hate the sound of the alarm clock and would prefer being gently woken from your dreams? The gentle vibrations of the electric base will ensure that your body moves effortlessly from a deep slumber to waking up and starting the day in the best frame of mind.


  • Move with ease and comfort to relaxing or sleeping positions. Whatever position you choose, the Ambience E-Motion allows you to move effortlessly from one of your preferred sitting or sleeping positions to another. Whether you’re reading your favourite novel, watching television, drinking your herbal tea or enjoying breakfast in bed, you will always be extremely comfortable.


  • Enjoy Swiss manufacturing and innovation. The metal chassis and pocket spring suspension is manufactured in Switzerland by Elite and offers the latest technology to create a new generation of adjustable beds. The Push & Stop system ensures that the motors are only powered while in use and that no residual current is left under your bed, making it safe and beneficial for even the most sensitive people.




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