6 reasons to choose Elite

reasons to choose Elite


The promise of sleeping well naturally

Those who have opted for an Elite bed are convinced; the colour of their nights and days has changed. Getting a good night's sleep is crucial to staying fit and feeling good. It is scientifically proven that good sleep leads to a healthier and longer life. It has also been shown that quality bedding contributes significantly to this vital need. Our experience since 1895 allows us to follow changing habits and to anticipate sleepers’ needs. This expertise gives us a head start in the market today. And means we are able to offer uniquely comfortable, sustainable bedding.


Les produits Elites sont fabriqués en Suisse
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Natural materials


For the noble and natural materials we use

Natural materials are the ingredients needed for a good night's sleep. In addition to offering absolute comfort from the outset, they also help to regulate body temperature during the night thanks to their absorption capacity. We strive to use locally produced raw materials.

To ensure that you sleep healthily, we have decided to exclude all volatile organic compounds from our mattresses. That's why we only use natural materials for our products. The bedroom, where we spend 1/3 of our lives, should be a haven of peace and a toxic-free environment. More and more consumers are avoiding exposure to chemicals by choosing organic, non-GMO foods. As part of this effort for a healthier life, bedding should not be overlooked: investing in a certified mattress made of natural and sustainable materials is an investment in your health.

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The know-how


For the know-how of our master craftsmen

There’s no secret to it, it’s all in the manufacturing! Each mattress in our collection is custom made, hand sewn and upholstered by hand. Our products are perfectly finished thanks to the expertise of our craftsmen.

From the production of the mattress to the bed base and headboard, everything is handmade, giving each bed an exclusive design and perfect finish. Added to this is the originality and freedom of a completely custom-made product. Our expertise and know-how acquired since 1895 have enabled us to keep pace with the changing habits and needs of human beings. This gives us a head start in the market today. In terms of design, you can give free rein to your creativity. Just like the mattresses and bed base, the headboards and bed frames are also made entirely by hand in our workshops. It is up to you to decide on the material, colour and shape of your dreams: for a bed with a modern or more classic design.

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Les produits Elites sont fabriqués en Suisse
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For our environmental values and sustainability efforts

The desire to care for your health and nature directly influences the way we manufacture. Nature inspires us and environmental protection guides us. Our mattresses are European Ecolabel certified, a promise to protect resources and our customers.

For Elite, the environmental issue has never been a fashionable fad: it has always been at the heart of our concerns. As responsible artisans producing quality products, we select the most noble, ecological, sustainable and local raw materials with care and attention to detail to ensure the quality of your sleep while preserving your health and that of our planet. Our bedding is therefore certified with the European Ecolabel. To obtain this label, our mattresses were subjected to resistance tests: it was observed that, over a period of ten years, they lose only 2% of their elasticity, which is a demonstration of truly sustainable manufacturing. In addition, it is possible to repair and recycle them.

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L'implication d'Elite dans l'écologie


Les produits Elites sont fabriqués en Suisse
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Swiss made


For the quality and finish of Swiss manufacturing

Since its creation in 1895, our factory has been located in Aubonne, between Lausanne and Geneva. The mattresses, bases, box springs and beds are all handcrafted in our workshops and are all unique pieces. This more energy-efficient indigenous production meets the demands of an increasingly attentive and eco-responsible clientele.

We strive to use locally produced raw materials. The wood used to make our beds always comes from Switzerland, as does the sheep's wool and horsehair used in the manufacture of our mattresses. Keeping our production in Switzerland allows us both to maintain jobs and to offer the know-how and quality of Swiss manufacturing to our customers. Elite has the Swiss Made label because of its local production and the selection of noble and/or regional natural raw materials. This choice is part of a strategy of rigorous and total control of the value chain in order to guarantee standards and quality, limit transport and maintain excellent relationships with a limited number of suppliers. The supplier partners selected by Elite are also strongly committed to an ecological approach. Everyone in their sector follows strict guidelines and guarantees the quality and ecological footprint of the raw materials they supply to us by means of various industry labels.

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The guarantee of comfort


For your sleeping comfort

Elite has the recipe for good sleep. Each of our products is designed to improve your sleeping comfort. Our expertise has enabled us to adapt to the changing sleeping habits and needs of four generations.

Choosing to sleep on an Elite bed guarantees you tailor-made support. Thanks to our " Sleep'n dream " comfort guarantee, you will always find the mattress adapted to your morphology and to your sleeping habits. Rest assured, if the firmness of the mattress you have just purchased does not meet your requirements in terms of comfort, Elite offers you the possibility of changing the firmness of your mattress free of charge within three months of your purchase. Elite will accompany you every step of the way in choosing your new bed and bedding. On the website, you can use a selector tool to compare different mattresses in the range. Simply enter your weight, height or sleeping habits to find a suitable product quickly and easily. With this valuable information to hand, you can then visit one of our Elite Gallery shops, where our specialist consultants will help you narrow down your choices.


Les produits Elites sont fabriqués en Suisse
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Nos innovations technologiques vous permettent de mieux dormir




For our technological innovations

Elite has become a real research laboratory in its constant search for optimal comfort. We regularly adapt our collections, thanks to the invention of exclusive technologies. We work with universities and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology to innovate and offer you the best in comfort.

In 125 years, our company has acquired skill and expertise that we are constantly perfecting by designing new technologies. For our mattresses, we have developed exclusive springs: a very special winding technique allows them compress very softly at first, then to push back against the pressure, thereby ensuring better support. Another innovation is the "Duoflex" technology, which consists of two springs of different shapes and forces, which are nested inside each other and activate in turn depending on the pressure points. As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we have also developed and patented wooden springs in conjunction with the Swiss School for wood in Biel. These springs are made in the company's own workshop and form the "Woodenboxspring". This model, which is part of Elite's "Original Boxspring" range, is tailor-made for a clientele that is increasingly concerned about using natural and locally produced products.

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