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Taking care of your mattress to extend its lifetime

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The lifespan of an industrial mattress is generally 7 to 8 years. For an Elite mattress, this can be around twenty years. Maintaining your mattress is essential because it will help extend its life considerably. The quality of your sleep depends directly on the comfort and hygiene of the mattress.

However, if ever there was something that cannot be put in a washing machine, it is your mattress! In general, the mattress is the ideal environment for bacteria, mites and viruses. Even thick bed linen cannot protect against these microparticles, thus bedding maintenance is essential. Without the correct maintenance, a mattress tends to sag and lose support and comfort after around a decade. We must also remember that every night, a mattress absorbs on average 50cl to 1 litre of perspiration. To optimise the lifetime of your mattress, reduce the risk of allergies and to dissolve stubborn stains, here are some pointers.

Turn the mattress over regularly

To improve settling of the mattress lining material around the sleeper’s body, it is recommended to turn the mattress over twice a year as well as to switch the head and feet regularly in the first months, then to repeat this once every three months. This prevents the mattress from deforming, sagging and helps provide good support throughout the year.

Air and change sheets

Like any other piece of furniture, your mattress attracts dust and dirt. Without maintenance, it can become a refuge for mites and pollen. Healthy bedding is fresh regularly-aired bedding. Open your bedroom window every morning when you wake up to refresh the air and to allow dust accumulated during the night to be removed. Then allow your mattress breathe for about twenty minutes before making up your bed. Another great tip is to vacuum your mattress at least once a month, this prevents parasites and insects from nesting there.

Change sheets and pillowcases every 10 to 15 days. After washing, ensure the drying time is respected before putting the bed linen back on and if possible, allow everything to air dry.

Protect bedding

The mattress must be at least protected by a sheet, and if possible a waterproof and hot wash under sheet. This mattress protector wraps the mattress, preventing fluids from penetrating as well as stopping stains from forming on the mattress, all the while absorbing moisture. It thus prevents premature wear of the ticking.

For deeper cleaning, our Ecoclean service is an effective solution for extracting microorganisms from the mattress. This consists of 100% natural disinfection without using chemical additives, it is done at your home and the mattress is immediately ready for use.

100% garanteed comfort

After all, maintaining your mattress is quite simple! It requires only simple regular actions to sleep peacefully in the healthiest environment possible. At Elite, we go even further to perpetuate the lifespan of our mattresses and box springs.

« Made for you, Made for life », this motto expresses our desire to provide and guarantee exceptional custom comfort for life. The lifetime warranty reflects the confidence we have in the superior quality of our products.


Sleep'n' Dream

Elite offers you the possibility of changing the firmness of your mattress free of charge during the first 3 months. So, should your mattress be too firm or too soft for your morphology, you can request to change it.


Ten Care

Elite provides a 10 year warranty against the abnormal wear of mattresses or box springs, for example in case of excessive sagging of the mattress.



Elite guarantees its spring mattresses and box springs for life. Until now, these were guaranteed for 10 years. The lifetime warranty reflects the confidence we have in the superior quality of our products.

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