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House Elite has been investing in the quality of its clients’ sleep for more than 120 years. An Elite bed is synonymous with «Swiss-made», comfort and elegance. Each mattress is made from the best natural raw materials.

MAESTRO MATTRESS, The Master - this mattress, exceptionally soft, comfortable, and supportive. Its technical sophistication provides simultaneous softness and support, everything you expect from high quality bedding.

  • Anatomical comfort zones
  • 5 layers of pocket springs
  • 2020 springs per m2
  • Hand-assembled
  • Excellent sleep independence for couples
  • Refreshing summer side
  • Soft and warm winter side
  • 100% natural summer/winter padding
  • Imperial stitching and 8 aerators
  • His and hers” option
  • Ecolabel EU certified

BOXSPRING WINDSOR, Developed in the purest tradition of the Elite boxsprings, Windsor is truly a unique piece of furniture. It is distinguished by the aesthetics and quality of support that it lends to any mattress, thus prolonging its useful life. Like a work of art, your bed will regain its full importance in your bedroom without taking up more space.

  • Quilted upper side
  • Comfort zones
  • Box spring, decoratively quilted, with raised edges on all 4 sides, guaranteeing mattress support.
  • Baseboard included on 4 sides
  • Custom sizes : additional charge of 180.– added to the largest measurement
  • Two-piece 160 cm model, same price as the 180 cm
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