Made for life - The lifetime warranty in three steps
(Warranty conditions PDF)

Sleep’n Dream
For the mattress - Valid only in Switzerland

The feeling of well-being and comfort in one’s bed is acquired over time. It is therefore not always easy to make the right choice of mattress firmness at the time of purchase. To best meet your expectations of personal comfort and ideal firmness and to perfectly fit your body shape and size, Elite SA offers you the possibility to change the firmness of your mattress free of charge under the conditions described below.

The Sleep’n Dream guarantee allows you to change the mattress firmness within twelve weeks from the date of purchase. It is important and necessary to allow a four week waiting period to enable the body to adapt and adjust to the new mattress before making a decision to change the firmness.

The option to choose between soft, medium and firm support is available in all pocket-spring, spring-loaded, memory foam and latex mattresses.
The100 % horsehair models are excluded as they only have one firmness.

During the twelve week period and after waiting the required time for the body to adapt to the new mattress, should you decide to change your mattress firmness, Elite will provide a loan mattress for your convenience until your mattress is returned. It should be noted that the latter does not necessarily correspond to the mattress purchased (model and firmness).

The change of firmness can only be performed free of charge once and does not extend the initial warranty period.

The cost of transport, packaging and an administration fee will be for the customers account.

For customs reasons, this guarantee applies only to mattresses delivered in Switzerland.

Ten Care
For the mattresses and boxspring bases

For a period of 10 years, Elite SA guarantees you the sleep you deserve, taking into account abnormal wear and tear of the mattress and boxsping base under the conditions described below.

The mattress and boxspring base wear and tear warranty covers all defects in material or workmanship, as well as damage during normal use in the first twenty-four months from the date of purchase. Starting in the third year, the coverage decreases by 1/8 per year.

In the case of total replacement of the product, the official price list at the time of purchase will be used to determine a fair cost of repair or replacement.

The liability of the warranty starts from the date of purchase. The customer is solely responsible for the activation of the warranty.

Mattresses with thick paddings create a cocoon where the sleeper is most comfortable. Uneven settling of the natural padding is normal in this area where the body leaves an impression caused by the compression of the soft natural materials. Therefore, the relaxation of the mattress and the compression of its padding due to regular use are not covered in the guarantee. Settling of less than 15 % of the height of the mattress is considered normal and acceptable and does not compromise the support or comfort of the mattress.

In the first few months after purchase, is important to follow the instructions on the rotation of the mattress as advised by Elite SA in the care manual. Improper handling and use, damage due to improper transportation or other damage such as stains, creases, folds, ripped and damaged handles, damaged or defective zippers or slight changes and colour differences are not included in the warranty.

Damage to the mattress resulting from the use of an incorrect or tired boxspring is excluded in the warranty.

For the mattresses and boxspring bases

All innerspring mattress cores and boxspring bases are covered by a lifetime warranty, provided that they have been used under normal conditions and in accordance with the care instructions provided by Elite SA. The lifetime warranty covers products delivered from 1 January 2018.

The life-time manufacturing defect warranty covers :

- Wooden frames and the springs of boxspring bases
- Innerspring mattress cores

Other products such as mattress toppers, slatted frames and / or adjustable electrically controlled bases, remote controls, electric motors, duvets and accessories benefit from a 2 year warranty.

Normal wear of the products is not included in the guarantee. Normal wear includes the uneven settlement of the natural padding, the normal wear and tear on the springs, the discoloration and fading of fabrics, colours and materials due to age, tears caused by negligence, the ticking, the sewing thread, the zippers, the handles, dents in the wood of the boxspring base, dislocated slats, slight differences or changes in colour of the wood or ticking on the boxspring base and the mattress.

Other elements of the mattress or boxspring base where its condition can be linked to the incorrect treatment, respect and maintenance are not included in the warranty.

The following damages caused by negligence are excluded in the warranty :

- Damage due to lack of maintenance, negligence or fault of the user such as improper handling, falling, breakage, accident, fire, use of force, abnormal moisture or heat conditions, outdoor use, cleaning with an inappropriate product or process, alterations or repairs made to the product by parties other than Elite SA or without the written consent of Elite SA.

- Elite SA beds are custom-made according to your personal specifications in an ideal firmness to perfectly suit your weight, length and body shape. Drastic changes in body weight, that change your soft, medium or firm category will affect the comfort of the mattress and compromise the life of the springs. In such cases, the warranty will no longer apply.

- Damage and deterioration (including dents, unevenness, excessive curvature) occurring when the mattress is used with an unsuitable support or bed frame with spacing of exposed slats greater than 6 cm apart.

- Damage, loss, breakage due to inappropriate transport or installation (see liability and warranty of the carrier / installer).

- The guarantee does not apply to any mattress or base that is not in a sanitary condition.

- All stains caused by any body fluids or any stain of undetermined origin.

- Batteries of electrical controls and related damage

- Dimension errors as a result of incorrect measurements provided to Elite

The warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages.

In these cases of exclusion, Elite SA will determine a cost of repair at the request of the customer. Once accepted, the mattress or boxspring base will be repaired as soon as possible. Elite SA reserves the right to determine how to resolve a situation and no product will be replaced without the written consent of Elite SA. The replacement of any products is at the discretion of Elite SA.

Special Conditions

These warranty conditions replace the legal warranty terms in their entirety. On presentation of the warranty, Elite SA will inspect and assess the condition of the damaged or defection products.

It remains the sole discretion of Elite SA to replace, repair or discount the product. Elite SA reserves the right to dispute the validity of any claim without further compensation.

Complaints must be sent in writing to Elite SA or an Elite specialist within 30 days of the finding of the defect. The original invoice or receipt must be presented as proof of purchase. Only the persons identified in this document can benefit from the Elite guarantee.

Elite SA reserves the right to substitute a different but similar quality ticking if the original ticking is no longer available. The possible application of the similar tick to other elements not covered by the complaint is not covered by the guarantee.

The repair of a mattress or boxspring base that is defective or damaged will in no circumstances have the effect of extending the initial duration of the guarantee.

Elite SA retains the right to inspect the product and freely decide whether the defect is covered by the warranty. If this is the case, Elite SA will undertake to replace the defective mattress free of charge or to repair the defective products without any other service or indemnity, to the exclusion of any other obligation. Elite SA reserves the right to choose between these two obligations arising from the guarantee and to refuse the liability for unreaunreasonable expenses resulting from the inaccessibility of the product.

Repair work carried out by a third party without the prior and written consent of Elite SA will declare the warranty to be invalid.

Replaced parts will remain the property of Elite SA. If the product is no longer manufactured by Elite SA, a suitable replacement product will be offered. Elite SA reserves the right to determine which replacement product is the most suitable.

The cost of transport, packaging and administration fee will be for the customers account. The warranty will no longer apply if the labels to identify the purchase have been removed.


To prolong the life of your mattress and benefit from all its qualities of support, we advise you to :

- Ventilate and vacuum the mattress regularly to eliminate odour and control dust mites. The particular smell that comes from the use of new materials will gradually disappear.

- Avoid folding the mattress to preserve the structure of its cells.

- Occasionally reverse the head and foot ends of your mattress and turn it over at least twice a year to maintain consistency of surface materials, unless your mattress is not reversible.

- Do not place the mattress directly on an unventilated rack.

- Place the mattress on a suitable bed base. For slatted bed bases supporting the mattress, the space between the slats should not exceed 60 mm and the use of a protective mat between the mattress and the slatted frame is strongly recommended. In the case where a mattress rests on a slat base in two parts, the slats must imperatively be mounted on suspension and do not create a hard point in the centre. It should be noted that the mattresses being made with sensitive natural materials may have small differences in length or width. A tolerance of 2 cm in both directions is acceptable. Elite SA recommends using a washable mattress protector. To avoid mites and bacteria, it is recommended that the bed linen is washed regularly.


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